Clinker Cooler

A short description

Equipment performance
The latest generation clinker cooler of Thudo-tec has the characteristics of “three high and one low”, i.e. high cooling efficiency, high transmission efficiency and high operation rate, superlow wear. It has realized online maintenance and overhaul, and ensured the high operation rate of the burning system. Production lines of 1000t/d~10000t/d have been established.
The fourth generation clinker cooler of Thudo-tec has two types: Constant-current Travelling Cooler and S-Type Grate Cooler.
The main technical performance indicators are as follows:
●Unit grate area yield: 44 ~ 48t/m2.d
●Unit cooling air flow: 1.7 ~ 1.9Nm3/kg. Clinker
●Heat recovery: 72 ~ 75%
●Operation rate: > 98%
●Discharge temperature: 65 ℃ + ambient temperature (particle size ≤ 25mm). Our coolers have formed a products series for1000t / d to 10000t / d cement plant
Technical Characteristics
●Standardized modular design
●Horizontal Pusher grate bed
●Fixed tilt Inlet
●Hydraulic drive system
●To meet customers’ needs, the grate cooler has different forms in the overall layout design:
    Layout flexibility: this type of TCFC grate cooler directly lands, significantly save civil investment
     Conveyor types Design: No seeping of materials foreside, clinker from tail. No flat conveyor, connects clinker conveyor afterbody.
●Be supporting clinker hammer crusher or clinker roll crusher

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