Wave Roll Feeder

A short description

Product Characteristics
Wave Roll Feeder is specially designed for ensuring both continually feeding and material screening for heavy duty crusher. After screening and eliminating of mud and fines.the load of crusher is lessened to great extent.Reducing the opportunity of chocking of crusher so that the production capacity is increased and energy consumption is reduced.
Structural Features
After screened out the fine the material and mud, the crushing system will lead to the increase of production rate,less wearing and more reliability.
Feeding rate can be automatically regulated according to the load of crusher. So that the crusher operation efficiency will be fully raised.
This equipment is especially fit for screening out massive material Mud removal mechanism is equipped under the screening roller for sticky & wet material as well.
It is provided with both functions of feeding and screening without extra space occupation,additional equipment investment. It is suitable for match of Silica-Aluminum material crusher.


Roller Feeder Technical Data
Model Capacity
Effective Width
Max. Feeding Size
Discharge Size(mm) Residue 10%
TkWRF1252 120-180 1236 5160 600 40-70
TkWRF1552 200-350 1526 5160 600 40-70
NWG1238 150-350 1236 3650 600 50-80
NWG1252 150-350 1236 5160 600 50-80
NWG1538 350-450 1526 3650 600 50-80
NWG1552 350-450 1526 5160 800 50-80
NWG1852 500-900 1826 5160 ≤1000 50-80
NWG2424 1000-1400 2400 2400 ≤1250 50-80


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