Tunnel dump truck

A short description


Product Feature:

1. Good passing ability: It adopts compact structure through special design on the cab, suspension, frame, compartment, and the lifting mechanism. The vehicle is 2.38 meters high and 7 meters long, featuring small turning radius and flexible operation, applicable to work in roadway ramps and narrow spaces.

2. High safety: In consideration of the underground environment, i.e. Moist air, insufficient light, wet and slippery roads, the vehicle is improved in lamps and electrical components and the waterproof performance is enhanced. It adopts special slip resistant tires, featuring good pass ability and safety.

3. Strong power: with YC6A240-20 and YC6L290-20 engines, it features strong power, big torque, excellent climbing and start-up performance ;

4. High load bearing capacity: 13 ton shock absorber and stabilizer bar suspension ensure the transport capacity in underground ramps, which greatly improves the safety.

Technical Parameters:

Model TLK190 TLK301
Engine YC6J190-33 YC6L290-33
Engine power 140Kw(190Ps/2500rpm) 213Kw(290Ps/2300rmp)
Max. engine torque 630N.m/(1400r/min-1700r/min) 1100N.m(1400r/min-1600r/min)
Lifting mode Mid-mounted double-top multi-stage cylinder
Max. lifing angle 41°
Lifting time 20S
Service brake Dual circuit pneumatic brake
Parking brake and emergency brake Spring-applied energy storage air brake
Auxiliary brake Exhaust brake
Dimension (L×W×H) 600mm×2480mm×2550mm 7600mm×2480mm×2550mm
Internal compartment dimension(L×W×H) 3800mm×2320mm×750mm 4500mm×2320mm×850mm
Max. speed 70km/h 63km/h
Max. gradeability 30%
Min. turning radius 7.1m 9.6m
Min. ground clearance(front axle) 260mm
Approach/departure angle 32°/34°
Kerb weight 8500kg 11500kg
Max. loading capacity 11000kg 20000kg
Max. designed weight 19500 31500
Drive mode 4×2 6×4
Axle base 3800mm 3650mm+1350mm

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