Toothed Roll Crusher

A short description

Product Characteristics
●Simple Process of material, Big Feeding Size, High Reduction Ratio, Low Power Consumption, Long Lifetime of Wear Resistance Parts, Low investment and operation Cost
Structural Features
●The gap of Rollers can be adjusted to meet requirements of various output sizes.
●The two toothed Rollers are interlaced to achieve best crushing effect When roller tooth is worn to some extend,the roller sheath is replaced easily The gap of two Rollers can be adjusted to assure the product fineness
●Specially designed machine frame enables the bearing seat of movable roller to horizontally move on the sliding rail;the bearing seat of movable roller is connected with hydraulic cylinder and the accumulator When the foreign matter enter,which can not be crushed,enter the movable roller will d raw back and the foreign matter can be discharged
●The flexible resin curtain is applied to prevent from the adhesion of sticky material pure into the cavity of machine
●The scraping device can avoid the material adhesion on the roller,ensuring the clean roller surface and the function of shearing and squeezing of the machine.
●Four main bearings can be both individually and centralized lubricated. Grease outlet is at bearing seat for discharging waste grease that can be drained out at any time, consequently, causing easy operation and maintenance.


Toothed Roll Crusher
Model Capacity
Max Feeding Size
Output Size 80%
Material Moisture
Plasticity Idex Material
TkPG12.08 60-90 300 50 25 15-22 Clay, Frozen Earth, Low Strenth Silty Sandstone and Shale
TkPG12.10 100-120 300 50 25 15-22
TkPG12.12 150-200 350 50 25 15-22
TkPG14.14 300-350 350 50 25 15-22
NPG0609 30-50 300 50 25 15-22
NPG1208 60-90 300 50 25 15-22
NPG1210 100-120 300 50 25 15-22
NPG1212 150-200 300 50 25 15-22
NPG1414 250-300 500 50 25 15-22
NPG1416 350-400 500 50 25 15-22
NPG1616 400-500 600 50 25 15-22


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