Series Unit Pulse Fabric Filter

A short description

Thudo-tec has more than 50 years history in the field of industrial waste gas dedusting technology. With various kinds of purification treatment technologies , Thudo-tec can provide Series Unit Pulse Fabric Filter and all-round service including systemic and integrated services, equipment manufacture, installation , debugging and EPC for industrial waste gas purification.
It is one of pulse cleaning types. It adopts row jet, on-line cleaning with venturi. It has good cleaning efficiency, modularization design, sample structure and wide adaptability.
Main Performance Data
Unit gas volume 1500-12000m3/h
Max single—row unit combined gas volume 50000m3/h
Max. double—rows unit combined volume 100000m3/h
Allowed gas temperature 70-220℃
Allowed dust content at inlet ≤200g/Nm3
Pressure of casing 5000 Pa
Working resistance 1500 Pa
Dust content at outlet ≤30mg/Nm3
No. of bags for unit 35-182
Bag size Φ120×2000~3000mm
Cleaning gas pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa

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