Series Plenum Pulse Fabric Filter

A short description

It is one of pulse cleaning types. Adopting plenum pulse, and features less pulse valves, off-line cleaning, good cleaning efficiency, simple structure, less investment and wide adaptability. It can be used to handle with high dust content, combustible and explosive flue gas.
Main Structure Data of Series Plenum Pulse Fabric Filter
Main Technical Parameters Data
Gas volume( m3/h) 18000-450000
Allowable gas temperature 70-220℃
Allowable dust content at inlet( g/Nm3) 10-1300
Pressure of casing(Pa) 5000-13000
Working resistance (Pa) 1470
Dust content at outlet(mg/Nm3) ≤50
No. of rows 1-2 pcs
No. of chambers per row 1-14 pcs
No. of bags per chambers 30-128pcs
Cleaning gas pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa

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