Roller Press

A short description

Product Characteristics
●Self Developed and Innovated
●High capacity and running rate, Low Power Consumption
●High working Pressure, Low Vibration and Stable Operation
Structural Features
●The Roller is made of high quality alloy steel by forging, which features high running rate and reliability and can be repaired many times.
●The Roller surface is made of high wear resistant material and advanced technology of welding is applied to ensure lifetime to be more than 8000hrs. The welding repair on site is available to minimize maintenance time.
●4-rows rolling bearings are applied with characteristics of high bearing capacity and long lifetime. The lifetime of the 4- row rolling bearing is many times more than that of the 2- row self-aligning rolling bearing.
●The Alignment mechanism arranged at feeding facility of roller press can minimize the deviation of roller gap.
●The hydraulic system, which is highly intellectual, becomes more reliable, Big diameter hydraulic cylinder is provided with imported sealing parts and specific technology to keep longer lifetime.
●The intellectual bearing lubrication system is provided to supply oil separately lo every lubrication point, and the quantity of lubrication oil can be controlled by PLC system. When defect occurs at any lubrication point, warning signal will be sent to the control system.
●The Intellectual control design enables the roller press to work under good condition with prerequisite of safe operation and high availability. Flexible operation parameter adjustment, perfect control and protection bring convenient operation and easy control to user.


Roller Press Data Sheet


Type Throughput Motor Power Linear Speedm/s Remark
TRP120-45 100-140 2×250 1.38 Cement Grinding
TRP120-60 150-200 2×315 1.38 Cement Grinding
TRP120-80 240-300 2×450 1.31 Cement Grinding
TRP140-80 340-400 2×550 1.47 Cement Grinding
TRP140-100 400-500 2×630 1.48 Cement Grinding
TRP140-110 500-550 2×710 1.6 Cement Grinding
TRP140-120 500-600 2×800 1.6 Cement Grinding
TRP140-140 550-650 2×900 1.6 Cement Grinding
TRP160-140 650-765 2×1120 1.56 Cement Grinding
TRP180-120 650-850 2×1250 1.6-1.83 Raw/Cement Grinding
TRP180-140 850-1000 2×1400 1.56-1.88 Raw/Cement Grinding
TRP180-170 1000-1200 2×1600 1.57-1.83 Raw/Cement Grinding
TRP200-170 1350-1550 2×2000 1.59-2.0 Raw/Cement Grinding


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