Roller Mill

A short description

(1)Rotary Feeder;               (2)Gas Outlet;
(3)Separator Assembly;       (4)Middle Casing;
(5)Mill Table;                     (6)Roller;
(7)Feeding Chute;               (8)Separator Platform;
(9)Mill Platform;                (10)Mill Stand;
(11)Hydraulic Cylinder;      (12)Main Motor;
(13)Main Gear Box;           (14)Rocker Arm.
Structural Feature
Vertical Roller Mill is mainly composed of motor, driving unit consisting of planetary gearbox, mill table, mill roller, rock arm unit, mill stand, middle casing, classifier, water spray unit, pressure device, grease lubrication system, rocker arm sealing and the like.
     ● Automatically roller lifting and falling, which helps to realize no-load start.
     ● Welded type arc plate is used for sealing. It features simple structure, reliable operation and good sealing effect.
     ● The centralized circulating oil lubrication is applied for the roller bearings, which ensures the roller bearings run at favorable temperature and with clean oil so that longer service life is achieved.
     ● A restraint device is adopted to prevent frication and collision between the roller and the table.
     ● Compages separator is used to improve separating efficiency.
     ● Hydraulic roller swing-out device helps to ease maintenance.
     ● Lower operation pressure of hydraulic system used in reducing oil leakage and mill vibration, and to improve operation and maintenance;
 According to different materials there are five different type of vertical rollermill,including Raw mill, Slag mill, Cement mill, Coal mill and Limestonemill (only used limestone).

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