Preheater System

A short description

The new preheater system is a comprehensive upgrading system based on the research of the existing pre-calcination system along with the actual situation of the raw material and fuel in some cement plants, including technology, environmental performance and design optimization, to low resistance and low consumption, to lower investment costs, reduce the emissions of harmful components such as NOx, SO2 and so on. The comprehensive utilization of resources will come true. It helps the cement industry improve the cleanness level、heat recovery rate and waste utilization and develop toward the ecological direction, so that the economic indicators and environmental indicators of preheater system will be enhanced completely.
Technical Characteristics of the new Preheater system  
●Productivity of 1000t/d~12000 t/d
●Great adaptability to different raw material and fuel. Simple structure and easy to operate.
●Different solutions for different fuels, e.g. bitumite, anthracite, inferior coal, heavy oil, crude oil, natural gas.
●Equipped with specialized designing of by-pass system to deal with the primary fuel of high-alkali or high-chlorine.
●Using fractional combustion method, the denitrogenation rate is 50%; the adoption of SNCR technique, the denitrogenation rate is increased to 70%.
●Techonlogy of disposing daily garbage , industrial waste, sludge, toxic waste .Changing the carbide slag, phosphoric acid slag, sludge and other types of industrial waste into harmless materials to eliminate environment pollution.
Structure Characteristics
●Large capacity, high efficiency on heat conversion;
●Adaptability to various kinds of coal quality, heavy oil and natural gas.
●Proper layout of the calciner burner along with the reasonable distribution of tertiary air, to reduce NOx emission.
●Cyclone with high separation efficiency, low pressure loss. Sliced inner tube
●Made of new heat resistant materials, simple replacement and long service life.


                                             Preheater Data Sheet


  Capacity(t/d) Calcining Rate Outlet Temp(°C) Strucure of Inner Tube Model of Calciner
Single String
1000 340 TC-D.D
Single String
2000 330 TDF
Double String
2000 330 TC-D.D
Single String
2500 325 Steel Plate Welding TDF/TFD/TSD
Double String
2500 325 TDF
Double String
2750 325 Segment Slice Type TDF
Double String
3000 325 TDF/TWD/TFD
Double String
4000 325 TC-D.D/TDF/TFD
Double String
5000 92% 325 TSD/TDF
Double String
5500 320 TTF
Double String
6000 320 TDF
Double String
10000 93% 300 NST

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