Impact Crusher

A short description

Product Characteristics
Simple production process.Less Investment Fit for High Strength and Abrasion resistance Materials, High Reduction Ratio,Maximum Utilization Factor of Wear Parts,Long Service life.
Structural Features
●The Plate type hammer is made of high wear resistant alloy and fit for high corrosive material. Its shape can be used in both sides or reversed state and utilization rate of 36% is achieves.
●The impact plates are equipped with adjustable mechanism to compensate for wear of itself,the service life can be doubled by reversing use.
●The feeding chute board is adjustable prevent materials of ineligible size from leaking out.
●All the contact surface of shell with materials is protected by scale board. The scale board can be quickly installed or dismantled and used by adjust function of multi-direction
●The impact arm and grinding bars are made of wear resistant alloy and have sufficient section for the high abrasion resistance materials.
●There are buffer and adjustable mechanism at the back of the grinding path.
                 Impact Crusher Technical Specification
Model Capacity
Max Feeding Size
Output Sizemm,
TkPF14.12 110-150 <600 40-70 High Abrasive Ores Like Sandstone,Silty Sandstone and Silicalite etc
TkPF14.16 180-220 <600 40-70
TkPF16.16 220-300 <600 40-70
NPF1210 50-70 400 80
NPF1412 100-150 ≤600 80
NPF1416 180-220 ≤600 80
NPF1616 250-350 ≤800 80
NPF1618 350-400 ≤800 80
NPF1820 450-650 ≤1000 80
NPF1822 600-800 1000 80


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