Dump truck for cement and mining operations

A short description


Product Features:

1. In addition to the active defense system, it is also equipped with slow-moving mechanism, and enhances the anti-collision beam and bumper, mounted with through beam, which greatly improves safety.

2. It adopts the third-generation off-road wide-body dump truck technology platform, conducts comprehensive benchmarking design on the major operating parameters, which leads to higher load bearing capacity and more economy.

3. With new technologies, the product can be applied to various work conditions in different regions, climate conditions and operating environments. And it can meet the specific requirement of customers in cement and mining industries.

4. It can make pre-diagnosis of troubles, which enhances the reliability of service and maintenance, reduces unplanned downtime, and the attendance rate is increased from 80% to 85%.

Technical Parameters:

Model TL842(Cement type) TL853(Cement type)
Engine WD615.50 with WEVB WD12.336/615.69 supercharged, intercooling, with WEVB
Engine power 213kw(290ps)/2200rpm 247kw(336ps)/2200rpm
Axle base 3650mm+1400mm 3625mm+1450mm
Capacity 20.4m3 23.5m3
Lifting mechanism Front lifting, max. tipping angle 530
Lifting time ≤20s
Max. speed 45km/h
Min. turning radius 9.9m 10.2m
Min. ground clearance 350mm 365mm
Approach/departure angle 290/520 330/480
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 8260mm×3000mm×3155mm 8400mm×3100mm×3200mm
Kerb weight of chassis 10000kg 12000kg
Chassis loading capacity 40000kg 50000kg
Max. designed weight 50000kg 62000kg
Drive mode 6×4
Tires 14.00-20 13.00-25
Service brake Dual circuit pneumatic brake
Parking brake and emergency brake Spring-applied energy storage air brake
Auxiliary brake WEVB exhaust brake + eddy current retarder

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