Coal Burner

A short description

Suitable for alternative coals Bituminous coal Sub-bituminous coal Blind coal
The nozzles of burner,such as the outlets of internal,external and coal channels and screw blades are made of heat resistant cast steel.
The rotational gas flow channel:The angle of screw blades is appropriate high firepower strength and no harm to kiln liner.
The axial gas flow channel:Orthostomous and round hole structure.And circular layout Wind speed is homogeneously distributed.
The cooling gas flow channel is ring structure.
Structural Features of Coal Burner
●Specific the axial gas flow channel could bring optimal firepower stress and fire shape
●The nozzles of burner including screw blades are made of heat resistant cast steel
●The manual butterfly valves for adjusting the ratio of internal gas and external gas are places at are feeding pipes of Internal and external gas of burns
●The wear resistant protection layer is provided at the inlet of pulverized coal feeding
●The reduction of NOx emission,lowering of flame temperature and the back flow of the emission of NOx
●The burner can make temperature in kiln distribute appropriately life of refractory is long
Product Characteristic
●Strong thrust lower coal consumption and air volume
●High adaptive to different kinds of fuel,and lower heat loss
●Stable fire flame
●Lower NOx emission
●Long life and lower wear
●Guarantee and enhance the clinker quality
●Thermal force is centralized and stable,and strongly swirl and suck secondary air
Coal Burner Technical Specification
Clinker Output (t/d) 1800-2000 2500-2750 3200-4000 4000-4500 5500-6000
Quantity of Channels 3-4 4 4 4 4
Normal Feeding Qty of Pulverized Coal(t/d) 4-6 6-8 7.5-11 10-14 12-18
Max.Feeding Qty of Pulverized Coal(t/h) 7 9 14 16 25
Specification of Fuel Oil System (t/h) 1800 1800 4800 4800 4800
the Electric Trolley Type Hang on Trolley/
Ground Trolley
Hang on Trolley/
Ground Trolley
 Ground Trolley  Ground Trolley Hang on Trolley/
Ground Trolley
Moving Speed of Bumer(m/min) 2.12/2.1 2.2 2.1 2.1 2.13/2.1


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