BS930 Series Electrostatic Precipitator

A short description

BS930 Series Electrostatic Precipitator EP dimensioning and structure designs are preformed via advanced a CAD system, which guarantees efficiency and accuracy.It can be used under high concentration and high pressure environment.

Box-type beam frame makes EP light in weight, strong, stable and easy to maintain.

Advanced collocation of plates (ZT24 type electrode plate) and corona wires (V15; V25; V40) increases the average electrical voltage in field and electrical current density of electrode plates, thus improving the dedusting efficiency.

EP can be designed as with center inlet/outlet, top inlet/outlet or bottom inlet/outlet, which meets various process Layouts. Advanced design of gas distribution plates and guiding plates makes the gas distribution in field more even and reasonable.

Used for: Cement Industry, Power Station Boiler, Metallurgical Industry,Chemical Industry Furnace.

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